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Luoyang Huaou Metal Material Co., Ltd

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Luoyang Huaou Metal Material Co., Ltd locates in Luoyang City-the City of Molybdenum,we are engaged in processing high quality molybdenum, tungsten and other metal material since 2009. With advanced mechining equipment, such as CNC lathing, CNC center, EDM wire cutting, laser cutting machine, etc. , we process more and more molybdenum and tungsten accurate spare parts, which are widely used in vacuum furnace industy, semiconductor industry, medical instruments. 

Our main products are as below:
pure molybdenum sheet ; molybdenum-lanthanum sheet
pure molybdenum plate; molybdenum-lanthanum plate; TZM plate
pure molybdenum rod; molybdenum-lanthanum rod ; TZM rod
pure molybdenum wire ; molybdenum-lanthanum wire ; TZM wire
molybdenum boats
molybdenum boxs
molybdenum crucibles 
molybdenum tubes
molybdenum screws and nuts
molybdenum shielders
molybdenum heating elements

pure tungsten sheets
pure tungsten plates; lanthanum-tungsten plates
pure tungsten rods; lanthanum-tungsten rods ; cerium-tungsten alloy rods ; zirconium-tungsten electrodes; yttium tungsten electrodes; sliver-tungsten alloy rods; copper tungsten ally rods ; tungsten aluminum rods
pure tungsten wire ; lanthanum-tungsten wire ; tungsten aluminum wire
evaporation tungsten boats
tungsten crucibles 
tungsten tubes
tungsten shielders
tungsten heating elements

Our products are widely used  in electronics, lighting, semiconductor, automotive, fiberglass, aircraft, medical and many other industries.  We are committed to serve our customers, help our customers, and we'd like to do more for our customers to succeed in the new world.

About Us

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